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Subversive Textiles creates bags with a personality – yours. If you’re looking for something run-of-the-mill that you can take to your grandma’s afternoon tea, these bags are not for you (unless your grandma’s a complete revolutionary feminist badass). 

Our bags are designed to make you proud of what makes you uniquely, unapologetically, amazingly you.


Create a Custom Bag

We see you. And we want to make you something special. Work with us to create a one-of-a-kind, custom bag that’s built to fit all your quirks.

What’s on your wish list? A big inside pocket for file folders? A functional phone pocket that makes it easy to access your device? A way to keep a water bottle handy at all times? Fabric that reminds you how freaking awesome our bodies are every time you open it? We can make all this – and more – happen.

Tell us your bag dreams and we’ll create something even better than you’ve imagined.  

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From Our Customers

Ready to join the ranks of happy Subversive Textiles customers? 

OMG this purse is perfect! I’m so happy! 

– Karen

I am in LOVE with the bag. The photos don’t do it justice. The size is perfect, the lining is adorable, and I love the multiple slip pockets. 

– Jen

LOVE the bag!! Just perfect— and the Star Wars pocket liners are an awesome surprise bonus!! Thank You!!!

– Beth K

I get compliments on (my bag) all the time and then I feel like a big shot when I say, “Oh, this? I GOT IT CUSTOM MADE.”

– Karen R

My bag is stunning! There were literal tears. I love it so much.

– Amanda P.

I love my bag! Thank you so much!

– Cassandra

Perfect bag to bring to my new job next week – people will learn a few quick fun facts about me just by seeing the bag!

– Beth

Wow! Just opened my package. It is simply SPECTACULAR! I couldn’t be happier. Thank you!

– Claudia D.

My bag arrived yesterday, thank you! I love the fabrics and it’s super comfortable. I wore it all afternoon the day it arrived even though we never left the house!

– Shala H.

I received your beautiful bag today, and I LOVE IT! It is even better than I could ever imagine – so well made! You are so talented! Thank you so very much – I will spread the word on your good work and wonderful product! Thank you so very much!

– Sharon

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