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Sustainable Unicorn Wristlet

Sustainable Unicorn Wristlet

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This bag employs quilting techniques so that beautiful fabrics don’t go to waste. Pieces of teal, unicorn cotton woven fabric and pink, hedgehog cotton canvas have been carefully pieced together with a pink, teal, navy, and geometric cotton woven fabric to create a fantastic new textile. On the inside is a black, gray, and white herringbone cotton woven,  with peeks of the exterior fabrics for contrast.

This bag transforms from a wristlet to a zip pouch with a removable wrist strap. The strap hardware is sleek and streamlined, keeping the bag light-weight. The top zip, also sleek and unobtrusive, is in a perfect shade of gray which compliments the lighter gray of the hedgehogs on the exterior and provides the perfect transition to the interior color scheme. 

Another gray, sleek zipper is featured on an interior pocket. The interior slip pocket features more piecing of exterior fabrics. The capacity of this bag will surprise you from first viewing on the outside. There is thin, lightweight foam in between the interior and exterior fabrics to provide structure and a light padding to this bag.

Please Note: This bag is made by piecing together pieces of fabrics which have been cut when creating another project. Look carefully at the images of this wristlet, some parts of the designs may be cut off or inverted in order to make best use of the fabric pieces.

Bag Dimensions:

Exterior: 6” high: 6”, width: 8 ½ on top, 6” on bottom 

Interior Zip Pocket: 3” high, 6” wide

Interior Slip Pocket: 5 ½ “ high, 5 ½” wide

Wristlet: 8" long from body of bag, 5" long where fingers fit

Materials: Waxed Chambray, cotton woven fabric

Care information

Spot Clean with soap and water.

Do NOT wash in washing machine.

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