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Guacamole Zip 2

Guacamole Zip 2

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This bag is part of a set, and is a fabulous example of conscientious re-use. Oh, and check out the adorable little faces on the veggies and herbs!

In working on a Texas Guacamole quilt for my Brother and Sister-In-Law, who are some of my absolute favorite people. (I'm sorry it's taking so long!) I realized that the construction was creating lots of small squares, rectangles, and triangles.

In my ongoing efforts to reduce the amount of waste that I produce in my sewing, I knew that I had to find a use for these small pieces. This group of small zip pouches is the first thing which I have created from the pieces.

For each pouch, I look to find the best combination of colors, shapes, and ingredients. Each front is “pieced” sewn together in the same way as the top of a quilt is made. The back of each pouch is made with a high quality waterproof canvas (WPC) in a complementary dark brown.

Take this happy little bags with you as you go about your day, or buy it for a friend who needs a smile!

Bag Dimensions

Exterior: 3 3/4" high, 6" wide

Materials: Waxed Chambray, cotton woven fabric

Care information

Spot Clean with soap and water.

Do NOT wash in washing machine.

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