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Every Woman Is A...

Every Woman Is A...

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I have a fondness for this bag. The top textile print was inspired the most recent movie versions and their heroine. These last movies, in particular, highlighted the challenges of being a woman in this world (FYI – Trans Women are Women, no TERFs here), even with super powers.

The bottom textile is a soft, designer cosplay vinyl. The color is black topped by a shiny silver that gives an impression or chrome. The raised pyramid shapes add to the metallic effect.

A large, red zipper with long zipper pull extends beyond the edge of the bag, for easier access to the interior, which features a black, white and gray floral damask print. A light layer of foam between the layers offers an added bit of protection to your belongings.

When you carry this bag, you'll feel "Wonder"ful!

Bag Dimensions"

Exterior" 8.5" high, 8" wide, 3/4" deep

Interior: 7.5" high, 8" wide, 3/4" deep

Materials: Waxed Chambray, cotton woven fabric

Care information

Spot Clean with soap and water.

Do NOT wash in washing machine.

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