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Dark Chemistry Zip Pouch

Dark Chemistry Zip Pouch

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This pouch is perfect for people who aren't into bright, cutesy, accessories. It's subversiveness comes from being a subtle, stylish, practical, science-themed accessory. Seriously, how many of these have you seen?

This unique design features black, marine vinyl for about one quarter of the width of the pouch, rather than the traditional top/bottom cotton-vinyl slip.

The lining fabric features a blue, purple, and white galaxy print with a hint of silver sparkle.

Top this all off by a zipper with black tape, black teeth, and a black D-shaped zipper pull, and you have one very cool, yet understated accessory. When they ask, be sure to tell them where you got it!

Bag Dimensions: Exterior: 4" high, 8" wide on top, 9" wide on bottom, 1 1/4" deep

Care information

Spot Clean with soap and water.

Do NOT wash in washing machine.

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