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Cute Kawaii Menstrual Print Zip Pouch (Small)

Cute Kawaii Menstrual Print Zip Pouch (Small)

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Does it seem outrageous to you that the exterior fabric on this zip pouch features cute drops of blood and period products? Okay, fine. If you’re looking to purchase items from a brand named Subversive Textiles, maybe not.

The Details:

This adorable zip pouch features fabric with adorable kawaii-style menstrual products on the outside and a light gray, floral damask print on the inside.

This bag has more uses than holding your menstrual products!! You can use it to hold cords, make-up, notebook and pens, your cell phone, and so many other things. You could even use this small bag to help keep the contents of a larger bag organized.

Carry this bag and show the world how Subversive you are!

Care information

Spot Clean with soap and water.

Do NOT wash in washing machine.

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