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Chic Tiole Zip Pouch

Chic Tiole Zip Pouch

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More often seen in home decor, a French country pattern known as toile, adorns this bag . This black and cream cotton woven fabric depicts various bucolic scenes like a couple dancing; a female figure walking with a child; and country animals goats, sheep, and chickens. It also sports a cream lining with blue-gray bubbles scattered artistically over the background. The black marine vinyl bottom provides a strong base and offsets the fabric in a manner that is pleasing to the eye.

Big enough to fit multiple items, but small enough to be on the go, this bag has endless possibilities. It can be used as a clutch when going out, a makeup bag, or to home all your travel-sized essentials.


Exterior: 9.5” wide, 7” high, 0.5” deep

Interior: 9.5" wide, 6" high, 0.5" deep

Care information

Spot Clean with soap and water.

Do NOT wash in washing machine.

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