Glitter Shark Zip Pouch


Jaws meets Cape Cod meets disco in this one-of-a-kind nautical zip pouch! You will catch eyes wherever you go with this beauty, and once it gets noticed, you’ll be inviting admirers to touch the textured, glitter vinyl base.

Numerous features add up to a bag that you’ll love looking at as much as you love using. The striking, blue and white shark print fabric is hand waxed to provide stain resistance and structure. The top zipper of the bag is a rainbow colored zipper that gradually changes color over the length of the zipper. Finally, the lining of the bag is a playful, pixelated red to put you in mind of “shark week” (either the annual television event or your own monthly version – the color combo works for both!).

Grab this unique bag to carry make up, art supplies, electronic accessories, and more!