Denim and Wool Structured, Upcycled Tote


The exterior of this bag is upcycled denim panels with felted, lined wool sweater with a divided pocket on each side. The interior lining is very structured, so the bag doesn’t slouch when the strap tension is released.

The lining of this bag is pieced together, like a quilt-top, and the fabrics used are all from fabrics which I used for mask making.

Width: 9 inches | Bag Height: 15 inches | Strap Drop: 15 inch | Depth: 2.5 inches

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The strap is made from a denim waistband – with the button closure still intact, you can still open and close it – with extra padding added for comfort while carrying. The belt loops are still attached, so they can be used to attach items with a clip.

This bag can easily be used as a work tote or a project tote for knitters and crocheters

Other details include:
– Magnetic top clasp
– Button closure lining pocket, upcycled from a pair of slacks
– Narrow lining slip pockets for narrow pens or knitting needles
– A vertical row of d-rings for stitch markers or other clipable items
– A clasp connected to the lining which can be used to keep keys from sliding to the bottom of the bag
– A small, detachable zip pouch with visible mending featured on front