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Boston Wool Works combines generations worth of fiber knowledge with modern concerns of sustainable fashion. Designer, Weaver, Dyer, Teacher: Boston Wool Works represents the best of knowledge and quality in fiber art.

Subversive Textiles is grateful to Boston Wool Works for choosing us at the distributor of their final Wool and Leather Shoulder Bag Collection.

Boston Wool Works' Product Details


  • Each side of bag is made from two firmly-fused layers of wool fabric from former sweaters
  • Recycled genuine leather strap sits comfortably on your shoulder and can be adjustable with buckle option Single strap spans both sides, keeping bag close to body
  • Magnetic snap in center top Inside pocket for stowing smart phone or other items has elastic sweater ribbing at top for added security
  • All materials hand-recycled and sewn in Boston Wool Works' Studio

  • Due to the nature of recycled materials, each bag is unique! Unusual shape makes a smart visual statement while still being practical
  • Magnetic snap, interior pocket, and sturdy strap make for added security for your cargo
  • Durable fabric withstands an active lifestyle and daily use Optional buckle allows you to customize length of shoulder strap to your body

  • Bag material is a firmly fused and crisply cut double-layer made of recycled sweaters: interior is merino wool, exterior is wool with 0-10% nylon

  • Lying flat:
  • Width: Body of bag is approximately 9.25” (23.5 cm) wide at the bottom, 18” (46 cm) at the top of the body area (where snap attaches)
  • Height: 12.25” (31 cm) high from bottom to top of body area with 4” (10 cm) fabric extension to the strap As worn: Width: approximately 10” (25.5 cm) when empty where straps attach
  • Height: from strap on shoulder to bottom of bag: approximately 24.5” (62 cm) 17” (43 cm) strap made of recycled genuine leather belt, 1-2” (2.5-5 cm) wide (most within the 1-1.5” (2.5-4 cm) range) Strap can be solid strip of leather or with optional adjustable buckle (from the original belt). Adjustment typically allows for approximately 2” (5 cm) adjustment in 1” (2.5 cm) increments in each direction (shorter or longer than the standard 17”/43 cm) for a total of 5 length options 
Care instructions
  • Body of bag (wool): spot clean with mild detergent and water; blot material (don’t rub), air dry flat Genuine leather strap: clean and protect with products designed for leather Bag may be dry cleaned if needed

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