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Why “Subversive”?

(Because “textiles” should be obvious!) Both textile arts and handbags are frequently dismissed as “women’s work” or “girly things.” When, in reality, textiles have been used to send coded messages in times of war and served as powerful forms of resistance. We make bags that speak to each owner by using textiles that bring joy and customizing each bag’s function so that it makes your life easier.

Our Story

Victoria has had a passion for bags and making things for as long as she can remember. When she found herself buying bag after bag but never satisfied, she decided that she would make her own.

After detours through work in psychiatric research then practicing alternative dispute resolution, Victoria’s compulsive need to make things led to her career as  a creative entrepreneur.

On any given day, Victoria can be found impersonating a mad scientist, trying to create new textile treatments or trying to overcome her horrible drawing skills (seriously, they’re bad!) to attempting to capture the beautiful bag design that is in her mind.

No one can run a business in a vacuum. These business have helped me get to where I am, or are just plain fabulous. I am extremely grateful to these businesses and people!


The Strategy Mentor


I know how to design and sew bags. As with so many entrepreneurs, it’s the business-running part where I need help.

Maggie at The Strategy Mentor provided me with the best service that I never knew that I needed. She didn’t create my brand, create my customer profiles, or do my market research – She empowered and taught ME to do those things. I understand my brand and business better than I ever have before.

If you know of anyone, running a small business, that has any questions about the “business” aspect of it. I cannot recommend The Strategy Mentor highly enough, plus, Maggie is a fabulous, kind, generous, and intelligent human being.


Andrea Mack


This talented woman has it all! Want pictures of your family – check! Want pictures of your product – check!

I have serious issues taking photographs. I knew that I needed help, so I asked around for a photographer who could help me showcase my bags and fabrics better.

Meeting her in person was a delight! She was so enthusiastic about my bags! For me, she was the perfect collaborator, upbeat and professional – she was respectful of ideas that I had for photos, and she brought her own inspired ideas which showed off my bags even better!

If you are interested in working with a fabulous photographer to get some beautiful pictures, reach out to Andrea!

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Want Us to Design a Bag for You?

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