About Subversive Textiles

What’s the Meaning Behind

Subversive Textiles?

Textiles aren’t just about pretty patterns and textures. Textiles and crafts have been used by women for centuries to make statements, share messages and give a voice to their distinct world views, from the bravery of WWII espionage knitters to the compelling and unforgettable handwork used to create the AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Subversive Textiles is about sending a message too – that it’s okay to know who you are, show who you are and be you.

Unique Design

Creativity is powerful, and we use it in full-force to create unique fabric and feature combinations for each of our bags. Subversive Textiles bags are built with a sense of humor and a personality that’s distinct but also with a commitment to quality that’s unparalleled.

Unconventional Style

We create bags that are brave, bold and push the envelope, whether that means lining your hygiene bag with happy little menstrual products or creating a bag with all the special pockets and pouches that you need to do life well. We delight in finding those quirky combos that create joy. 


Unapologetically You

Our bags aren’t for everyone. We’re smart, unusual and irreverent – and sorry, we’re not sorry. When we make a bag, we’re focused on hitting the mark for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s something everyone likes; all that matters is whether it fits you. 

About Victoria

Victoria Moreno-Jackson is Subversive Textiles’ founder and Maker-in-Chief. She believes in making change through the power of creation and connection. 

When Victoria couldn’t find a bag that made her perfectly happy, she didn’t settle: she just made one. From there, her passion for creating custom bags with unique and unconventional details grew into Subversive Textiles. 

Victoria is passionate about one-of-a-kind – celebrating individual strengths, respecting differences and creating beautiful custom products. 

About Subversive Textiles

Subversive Textiles creates high-quality bags that are designed with an irreverent sense of humor and an impeccable eye for detail. 

When it comes to Subversive Textiles, there’s one message we want you to hear loud and clear: We see you.

Whether you choose a ready-made or custom bag, it’s our goal to give you something that’s uniquely you. We want you to have a bag that feels like someone made it with you in mind – because that’s what happened. 

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